aš ne tu

būni jaunas, paskui būni senas. būni žmogus, o paskui būni girtas. išeini, o paskui sugrįžti tik dalimi. tai va, taip ir būna.


boys are the stupidest creatures 

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miegot apsikabinus artimą mieliau, nei miegot vienam.



this oatmeal has god damn dinosaur eggs in it and then when you cook it THE DINOSAURS FUCKIN HATCH IM SO PUMPED

Was this post made in 1996?

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Don Nace


Don Nace

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British nationalists riot in Glasgow after Scotland’s independence vote

One day after Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom, British nationalists have taken to the streets of Glasgow to celebrate their victory.

The gathering began as a show of British national pride, but it quickly developed into what many witnesses are describing as a riot.

Protesters carrying U.K. flags and banners associated with the pro-Union Protestant Orange Order had to be separated from Scottish independence campaigners by Glasgow police.

One Vine video shows a young woman with a Scottish flag being dragged on the ground by a man holding a British Union flag. Some photos being shared on Twitter also seem to show pro-Union demonstrators performing the Nazi salute.


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“Each time we don’t say what we wanna say, we’re dying.”

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Nick Cave photographed by David Corio

What we’re reading


What we’re reading

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